DDP Compatible Wide Format Ink

Our Wide Format compatible inks are industry standard 100% quality tested and guaranteed to work with your Wide format printers. Digital Dolphin Products uses Archival Ink to achieve top quality photo and Fine Art printing options. Archival inkjet printing is also suitable for any large and wide format printers. It can give a long lasting print output and can withstand any weather conditions. It’s non-fading and resistant to light, heat and water characteristic is what made our wide format inks suitable for any indoor and outdoor use.

Manufactured with the highest quality

Digital Dolphin Products new Compatible Wide Format products are develop to match to the OEM quality. Carefully examined and designed to work with your compatible printers 24/7. Our products are manufactured in the USA to ensure the reliability and performance that our customers demand.

Types of Wide Format Inks


This type of ink use water as a carrier for colored powder (powder) pigment or dye. Aqueous inks are usually used on canvas and paper

Solvent / Eco-Solvent

This type of ink use solvent instead of water as organic compound. This inks are less expensive and use mostly on uncoated substance such as vinyl’s and outdoor displays.


Latex ink are pigment-based water polymer and is heat-fusing type which allows you to print on a un-coated base.

UV Cured

UV curable inks are type of ink that needs curing process once printed. A UV light source is needed in the process, once the print is cured, the print is completely dry.

Dye Sublimation

Dye-sublimation ink uses specially designed ribbon to hold solid inks. The process of dye-sublimation uses electrically heated element to produce image.

Direct to Film (DTF)

Direct to film is a process that usually print image on a special film and transfer it into a cotton or ploy blend fabric using heat-press mechanism.