Business Ink and Toner

  • One (1) year for defective compatible toner & drums.
  • Six (6) months for defective compatible inkjets.
  • All OEM products, including general merchandise, furniture, equipment, etc, are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty.

Wide Format Ink

Digital Dolphin Products, LLC (DDP) warrants its ink products to perform in the intended equipment according to the specifications of the specific product purchased. Should it be determined that the ink is a direct cause of a printer breakdown, DDP will provide the following.

DDP will provide warranty repair or replacement (at its sole discretion and approval) of any print head(s) or parts that fail as a direct result of DDP’s Ink products provided for the period covering OEM manufacturer’s warranty coverage excluding consumable parts (Ex. Wipers/S- dampeners/filters/pumps). The company or person requesting warranty repair shall contact DDP for pre-authorization and selection of a qualified repair technician to service the equipment prior to performing service on the equipment. Failure to request pre-authorization for service repair and technician selection will result in the denial of a warranty claim.

Machines out of OEM warranty will also qualify for replacement of any print head(s)/parts that fail as a direct result of DDP’s Inks products and or systems provided, excluding consumable parts (Ex. Wipers/S-dampers/filters/pumps).

DDP’s liability under this limited warranty is limited to (a) the cost of replacement parts directly damaged by the use of DDP Ink and (b) $500 in expenses directly associated with a technician’s labor in the replacement of damaged parts

The warranty period will be in effect as long as the customer is using DDP Brand Inks on an exclusive basis and adheres to standard maintenance requirements stated in the OEM Printers User’s Manual. DDP Inks used in conjunction with any other inks other than the OEM inks will not be subject to this warranty statement.

DDP will not be liable for labor or material costs associated with graphic production, graphic application, equipment downtime, or any other consequential damages, including loss of profits or potential business sales, arising from a warranty claim. It is the user’s responsibility to secure the equipment and surrounding area to prevent damage from potential ink spills or other damages arising from a warranty claim. DDP is not responsible for damages from ink spills outside the printer or improper care, maintenance, or repair of equipment associated with regular operation.

DDP further warrants its ink cartridge to function as intended and in a normal fashion in its designated printer. Should a cartridge fail for any reason other than mishandling, misuse, abuse, or negligence, DDP will replace the cartridge through its dealer representative or company representative, where applicable, with a new cartridge of like kind.

Service calls conducted and discovered not to be ink-related will be charged to the customer at current service policy rates. Should a call be performed by someone other than a DDP- designated service technician, then a local technician will be hired. DDP will cover expenses charged by the service technician up to $500.