Tripp Lite Smartpro Line-Interactive Ups Avr Tower, Usb, 6 Surge-Only Outlets, 550 Va, 480j

Ideal protection for PCs, workstations and small servers. Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) corrects low-voltage conditions (brownouts) back to safe 120V power without draining the UPS battery. Included dataline connectors provide protection for all connections. USB port enables free unattended shutdown software, so your files are saved in the case of a blackout, even when you are not there. Support battery replacement via built-in access panel.

– Power protection and battery backup for home and office computers and electronics.
– Advanced AVR corrects power sags and overvoltages.
– LEDs indicate status of line power, battery power, battery low/replace, voltage regulation and overload.
– Battery-supported and surge suppression-only outlets.
– USB port connects to a computer for power management and automatic file saves.
– Dataline suppression jacks.

Item Number: TRPSMART550USBT

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Battery backup system is ideal for supporting a variety of computer, internetworking, telecom and consumer electronics equipment. USB port enables unattended shutdown without data loss during extended power failures. Automatic Voltage Regulation circuits correct brownouts without using battery power. Battery-supported outlets are for use with computer, monitor and one vital system peripheral; the additional surge suppression-only outlets are designed for printers and other system accessories not requiring battery backup. Dataline suppression jacks protect modem, fax machine, cordless phone or other peripheral with a standard dialup or DSL phone connection. Audible alarm and front panel LEDs indicate UPS system and line power status.

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