Tork Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser, 16 X 3.13 X 11.5, Smoke, 12/carton

The optimal solution for any size washroom. Made from white ABS plastic, this is a durable dispenser that will provide a bright, clean image for any washroom.

– Durable, slim profile.
– Covered, protected refills.
– User-friendly dispensing.
– Holds full pack of refills.
– One-at-a-time dispensing.

Item Number: TRK1951001

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The Tork Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser improves hygiene with refills that stay covered and protected until they’re dispensed. Intuitive dispensing makes the refills easy to access for patrons. Plus, one-at-a-time dispensing reduces waste and over-consumption. This dispenser holds an entire pack of refills, allowing you to quickly and easily refill it.

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