slice Safety Box Cutter Blades, Rounded Tip, Ceramic Zirconium Oxide, 4/pack

Features unique finger-friendly® edge, which cuts materials effectively but is much safer to touch than traditional blades. Blade material is non-conductive, non-magnetic, non-sparking, chemically inert and rust free. Blade edge lasts up to 11 times longer than steel.

– Double-sided blades.
– Lasts longer.
– Safe to use and reduces chances of injury.
– Lowers costs.
– Does not rust.
– No sharps box needed.
– Non-magnetic and non-conductive.
– No oil coating.
– Patented finger-friendly edge.
– slice donates 1% of sales to Autism research related charities.

Item Number: SLI10404

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slice® box cutter blades are compatible with slice® Box Cutters, Pen Cutters and the slice® Mini Cutter. These 100% zirconium oxide blades retain their edge much longer and feature our proprietary finger-friendly edge. These ceramic blades require no oil coating or special maintenance. They are non-sparking, non-magnetic and do not rust. When you need a fresh edge, simply reverse the double-sided blade. slice® donates 1% of sales to Autism research related charities.

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