Lathem Time 400e Top-Feed Time Clock Bundle, Digital Display, White

Provides everything you need for accurate timekeeping. The Bundle will get you get up and running fast including 200 cards, two 10 pocket racks, two ribbons and two sets of keys.

– Prints month, date, day of the week, and the time on every punch.
– Time format can be specified as AM/PM or 24 hour format.
– Minutes can be displayed as standard minutes or as hundredths of an hour.
– SmartClock technology retains settings and the day and time during power outages.
– Supports all pay periods.
– Automatically adjusting to the correct column based on time of day.
– Print late arrivals and early departures in red.
– Schedule bell sound to indicate shift start and stop time. Dry-contact relay for controlling external bells.
– Automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time and Leap Years.
– Requires Lathem Time E14 time cards.

Item Number: LTH400EKIT

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Provides accurate timekeeping for employees without making the clock-in and clock-out process complicated or difficult. The bundle includes everything needed to get up and running fast including 200 cards, two 10-pocket racks, two ribbons and two sets of keys. The 400E supports any pay period and records the month, date, day of the week, and time with every punch. Most similar type time clocks only provide the date or the day of the week, not both. With SmartClock technology, supervisors will never need to adjust the time or date due to power outage, leap year or daylight savings time. The 400E requires Lathem® E14 time cards. Ensure that every shift entry and exit is accurate and on record with the Lathem digital top-feed time clock starter bundle. The time clock makes it easy for employees to insert their cards for stamping at both the beginning and end of their work shifts. This collection includes a durable time clock for stamping time cards, two card racks to easily store employee cards, and two sets of E14 time cards to accurately record hours. Two accompanying sets of keys help keep the items secure. Manual white and black time clock easily receives cards for any pay period and for an unlimited number of employees. LCD digital display shows time and date with clarity, while buttons on top allow easy in/out selection. Includes lock that protects settings and requires accompanying key for entry. Card input for easy printing, prints in red ink to mark late arrivals or early departures. Time and date automatically adjust for months, leap years, and daylight saving time. Easy to install on wall or desk according to office setup. Battery backup preserves settings after power outages, and includes battery life of 8.5 hours and above. Sound bell helps notify the office of the beginning of a new shift.

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