Lathem Time 100e Time Clock And Stamp, Digital Display, White

Designed to provide timekeeping records in 18 different preset print formats. It can print records in four different languages and can be configured to print times and years in various formats. Makes use of proprietary technology to keep a perpetual calendar and settings during power outages and has a five-year memory backup. It can accept standard time and job cards or print on paper.

– Automatic printing for simply one-hand operation.
– 18 preset print formats and 13 preset message options.
– Offers AM/PM or 24-hour format.
– Minutes can be printed as standard minutes or as hundredths of an hour.
– SmartClock technology keeps the date, time, and selected settings, even after a power outage.
– Automatically adjusts for daylight savings time and for leap years.
– Format year to print either only the last two digits or all four digits. Printed lines can be aligned to the left or the right.
– Five-year memory backup. The LCD display shows date, time, and the day of the week.
– Can print in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
– Small design can easily be mounted to a wall or desk.

Item Number: LTH100E

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The Lathem 100E automatic electronic time clock and document stamp mounts to a wall or desk and features a one-handed operation that is easy to use and simple to understand. Up to 18 different formats let you customize your setup, and 13 preset message options display on the LCD screen and on time cards. Perpetual calendar settings take into account changes in time, including Daylight Savings Time and leap year. This machine works with Lathem universal time cards for easy ordering of your supplies. Automatic, one-handed operation prints time and date, year with four or two digits, and 13 custom messages such as IN, OUT, RCVD, SENT, PAID, USED and VOID for a variety of timekeeping needs. Automatic digital time clock tracks employee hours for unlimited amounts of workers and any pay period. Large LCD display shows up to 18 different presets in 24-hour and AM/PM format. Dimensions: 6.3″ x 6.8″ x 5.6″. Install on a wall or countertop; no computer connection necessary. 110V/120V power supply included along with 8.5-hour battery backup for continued use during power outages. Supports and prints in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese for diverse workplaces. Printed lines can align to the left or right for easy reading.

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