GBC Lx20-30 Super Cross-Cut Jam Free Shredder, 20 Manual Sheet Capacity

The LX20-30 allows users to shred up to 20 sheets at a time, continuously. Non-stop Jam Free™ technology prevents jams. SelfOil™ and self-cleaning cutters virtually eliminate maintenance. Super cross-cut shred style provides everyday security. Line the 30-gallon frame with a shredder bag for easy clean-up.

– Non-stop Jam Free indicator glows red when too much paper is inserted; LED light glows green when you are within the shredder’s capacity.
– Shreds up to 20 sheets at a time with a continuous duty run time.
– Shreds DVDs, CDs, credit cards, paper clips, staples and documents into 30-gallon pull-out bag frame.
– Super cross-cut shredder meets everyday security needs (Level P-4).
– Intelligent SelfOil feature automatically lubricates cutters with synthetic oil to ensure cutters move freely and shred easily even after years of use.
– Intelligent Self-Cleaning Cutters automatically remove shreds that cause build-up and lead to jams.
– Intelligent Power Save auto shut down with automatic wake-up conserves energy.
– Ultra quiet (=60dB) to ensure minimal disruption in the office environment.

Eco-Friendly: Auto shutdown conserves energy.
Item Number: SWI1770045

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LX20-30 cross-cut shredder is made for continuous usage. Shred up to 20 sheets at a time continuously into a 30-gallon pull-out frame that can be lined with paper or plastic shredder bags (sold separately) to make disposing of shreds easier. This model also shreds paper clips, staples, credit cards, CDs and DVDs. The included self maintenance features such as Non-stop Jam Free™ technology, Intelligent SelfOil™ and Intelligent Self-Cleaning Cutters™ make this shredder easy-to-use and keep up with. While shredding, a green light indicates if you are within the shredders capacity. A red light indicates you are feeding too many papers at once and the shredder may jam. The cutters auto lubricate and clear any small, stuck shreds after each use. Super cross-cut shred style provides the reliable, Level P-4, document security that any large office with confidential shredding needs demands.

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