GBC Ls32-30 Strip-Cut Jam Free Shredder, 32 Manual Sheet Capacity

The Stack-and-Shred 80X couldn’t be easier to use—just stack, shut and shred! Machine automatically feeds paper into cutters, securely shredding your papers so that you can get on with your day.

– Non-stop Jam Free indicator glows red when too much paper is inserted; LED light glows green when you are within the shredder’s capacity.
– Shred as many as 32 sheets at a time.
– Shreds DVDs, CDs, credit cards, paper clips, staples and documents into 30-gallon pull-out bag frame.
– Strip-cut shredder meets basic security needs (Level P-2) and is able to run continuously.
– Intelligent SelfOil feature automatically lubricates cutters with synthetic oil to ensure cutters move freely and shred easily even after years of use.
– Intelligent Power Save auto shut down with automatic wake-up conserves energy.
– Ultra quiet (=60dB) to ensure minimal disruption in the office environment.

Eco-Friendly: Auto shutdown conserves energy.
Item Number: SWI1770035

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Auto feed takes the headache out of shredding—just stack, shut and shred. Simply put a stack of up to 80 sheets into the auto feed chamber and rollers will feed it into the cutters. Convenient cross-cut shredding meets everyday security needs with P-3 Level Security. Excellent for home office use. Smart, user-friendly Auto+ Jam Clearance feature automatically reverses and re-feeds stuck papers. Self-Cleaning Cutters automatically remove shreds that can cause build-up and lead to jams. Convenient Power Save Auto Shut Down feature helps conserve energy. 5-gallon bin provides plenty of shredding capacity. Bin-full indicator alerts you when it needs to be emptied. Ultra-quiet machine minimizes disruptions. Machine shreds up to 80 pages with auto feed, or 6 sheets at a time manually. Powerful enough to shred paper clips, staples and credit cards.

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