GBC Ds22-19 Strip-Cut Jam Free Shredder, 22 Manual Sheet Capacity

Fast, easy strip-cut shredding suits your office–give everyone convenient access with the DS22-19 Jam Free Shredder! Non-stop, continuous shredding capability makes it easy to shred and move on with your day.

– Non-stop Jam Free indicator glows red when too much paper is inserted; LED light glows green when you are within the shredder’s capacity.
– Continuous duty run time lets you shred more paper faster.
– Strip-cut shreds as many as 22 sheets at a time for basic, Level P-2 security.
– Shreds DVDs, CDs, credit cards, paper clips, staples and documents.
– 19-gallon pull-out frame can be lined with a plastic shredder bag to neatly catch all waste.
– Intelligent Power Save auto shut down with automatic wake-up conserves energy.
– Ultra quiet (=60dB) to ensure minimal disruption in the office environment.
– Wheels attached for easy mobility.

Eco-Friendly: Auto shutdown conserves energy.
Item Number: SWI1758595

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Eliminate mess and paper clutter with this high-quality strip-cut shredder. With P-2 Level Security, this machine is a great choice for basic shredding needs. Red and green LED lights indicate when shredder reaches feed capacity. Feature prevents users from inserting too much paper into shred area, stopping jams before they occur. Continuous duty run time allows you to shred more paper, faster, and the ultra-quiet function, below 60dB, ensures minimal disruption in shared spaces. The Intelligent Power Save function helps conserve energy. Machine also shreds DVDs, CDs, credit cards, paper clips and staples. Large, 19-gallon pull-out waste bin. Handy bin full indicator alerts you when it needs to be emptied. Shreds up to 22 sheets at a time.

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